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Noah's 1st words

Noah never really called for mommy or daddy. Although he repeated sounds like "mama" and "dada", he never really linked the words to us until recently.

During the first year his vocabulary was:

  1. Ball

  2. Apple

  3. Dodo (for dog)

  4. Mine

  5. Up

  6. Bahhhh (for monster roar)

  7. Dada and mama sounds

  8. "Weeeeee" (for fun)

He knew how to sign:

  1. Milk

  2. Food

  3. More

  4. Dog

  5. Fish

  6. Ball

  7. Bird

When he turned 2, despite some loss of hearing due to recurrent ear infections, he understood almost everything and followed directions such as "get your shoes", "clean up" and "put it on the table". He stopped using a lot of his signs and words and it became difficult for him to communicate his needs. His vocab was:

  1. Ball

  2. (Stopped saying apple)

  3. Dada, Mama

  4. "Weeeeee" (for fun)

  5. Doh (for dog)

  6. Up

  7. Mine

  8. No!

  9. Bye-bye

  10. Hi

  11. Shoes

  12. Nanana (for banana)

  13. Choo-choo (for train)

  14. Chang choo (for thank you)

He also knew how to sign:

  1. More

  2. (Stopped signing milk)

  3. Gorilla

  4. Elephant

  5. Clap and say "yaaaa!"

Just recently, after almost 2 months of speech therapy and 3 ERT treatments (2yrs and 3 months old) his vocab has flourished. He's more willing to immitate us and his vocab included:

  1. Ball

  2. Milk

  3. Dada, Mama

  4. Up

  5. "Weeeeee" (for fun)

  6. Mine

  7. No!

  8. Bye-bye

  9. Hi

  10. Shoes

  11. Nanana (for banana)

  12. Choo-choo (for train)

  13. Tang koo (for thank you)

  14. Peaz (for please)

  15. Wawa (for water)

  16. Doh (for dog)

  17. Kitty/Meow (for cat)

  18. Mooo (for cow)

  19. Ach ach ach (for pig)

  20. Neeeeh (for horse)

  21. Hot

  22. Owww (for ouch)

  23. Nigh-nigh (for good night)

  24. Bubble

  25. Brwed (for bread)

  26. (Imitate counting to 5)

  27. How-wai-wuh (Imitate part of twinkle-twinkle)

He also knew how to sign:

  1. More

  2. Want

  3. Please

  4. Help

  5. Gorilla

  6. Elephant

  7. (Stopped signing Fish and Bird)

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